It is the intent of Superior Aquaculture to assist its customers as thoroughly as possible in maximizing their investment and satisfaction with our line of products. Fortunately, the assembly, placement, operation, and maintenance of our raceways is fairly simple and normally proceeds quite smoothly. However, because of great variance in customer application, e.g. flow-through versus recirculation, and significant biological questions inherent in different applications, there may be questions.

Superior Aquaculture is only as far away as your phone or computer. While we are more than happy to answer all questions relating to raceway assembly and general use, we may not have time (or expertise) to completely answer all of your biological questions. It is for this reason that some after-sale aquaculture questions may need to be referred to others. A good place to start is by talking with our aquaculture specialist.

If you are a beginning aquaculturist and are contemplating a significant investment, you may wish to take advantage of an “on-call consulting arrangement” with our firm. Feel free to ask for details. All related info is strictly confidential.

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