We now offer air diffuser hose grids

Traditionally, the movement of water has been an expensive component of aquaculture budgets. Today, with increasing electrical rates, fish farmers are eagerly looking at air-lift pumps to move water horizontally with amazing efficiency. While most traditional air-lifts are made of 3-4 inch diameter PVC pipes with elbows, large-scale production raceways would require many such air-lifts, and would result in very significant efficiency loss due to excessive pipe surface area per cross sectional area of pipe.

The solution is the use of a highly efficient air diffusion hose incorporated into a modular grid system (shown above) that produces an amazing directional flow. Air transfer through the hose can be achieved with as little as 1 Lb. of pressure, which enables the use of much smaller high volume, low pressure blowers.

Superior Aquaculture now fabricates the above one, two, and three section modules to fit your Superior Raceways and incorporates the best air diffuser hose grids available. Modules are shipped in a compact box with directions for easy assembly.



The importance of water flow through the floating raceway is obvious, but the importance of circulation of the pond water, as a highly beneficial by-product of the in-pond raceways may be surprising. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced levels of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP).
  • Reduced stratification.
  • Increased aerobic bacterial action.
  • Increased aerobic respiration in pond bottoms.
  • The ability to harvest plankton as a by-product of raceway solids collection