Custom dock building available.

Custom dock building available.

Dock Construction

Superior Aquaculture™ would be happy to build your docks or stationary walkways for you, but because of transportation costs, it may be more economical for you to make them locally. This is why we offer a number of purchase options.

Docks floating on 55 gallon food grade barrels.

Floating yet Stable

Because a single 55 gallon barrel provides up to 400 Lbs. of floatation, hybrid walkways can use barrels for floatation, along with some pipes for added stability. Once again, since the plastic raceways are less dense than water and thus float, about the only strain on the raceways is the weight of the very small "head" created within the raceway.

When a customer places their order with us for Superior Floating Raceways™, we will ship our “Suggestions for Dock Construction & Raceway Assembly”, a detailed set of sketches and directions, which will enable our valued customers to construct and assemble their docks with maximum efficiency.

Our docks are constructed from green, pressure-treated lumber, using three 2”x 6” stringers per 20’ section, and 4’ long 2”x 6” deck boards. We do not supply barrels outside Wisconsin.

Walkway options can range from floating docks or bamboo poles to stationary (non-floating) walkways of any width desired. Floating docks are generally better for hatchery and extended fingerling applications, or smaller scale, portable, or ice-impacted applications. Floating docks are also better for applications with highly fluctuating water levels, including rivers, estuaries, and tidal zones.

Stationary option.

Stationary Options Available

Stationary (non-floating) walkways may be better for large-scale, high-production, food fish applications in more shallow waters such as in some Delta area catfish ponds.

Stationary walkway installation does NOT require pond draining. Posts or pipes can easily be driven or "water jetted" into the bottom, or set on a firm bottom with a pipe "pad" (base).