it Starts with family

Superior Aquaculture, LLC is a family owned and operated company Incorporated in 2001 by Bonnie Warecki, the company’s president. The company has relied heavily upon the strong research and scientific background of Dr. Jay Warecki, a former teacher and superintendent of schools.



“Our prime objective has always been to more efficiently produce more healthy food fish.” - Bonnie Warecki, President


Our research and development property located in Stevens Point, WI


Patented Innovation

After years of trial and error with various models, we were blessed to develop our present floating raceway system and were granted a U.S. Patent (Patent #7069875).

Facilities include a 65 acre research and production fish farm and hatchery in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, family owned and operated for over 40 years, plus fabrication and support services in Ellenton, Florida and Door County, Wisconsin. In the early years, the farm still known as Aqua Point Fish Farm, received significant income to support its research activities via its original website, More recently, activity has focused on research and technology transfer funded by sales of its patented, floating raceways.

helping people around the world

Today, we’ve been able to share our vision with a number of dearly appreciated university researchers, private consultants, and entrepreneurs.  The result has been a major increase in both private and government raceway sales, with units now in operation from the Florida Everglades to Northern Ontario and Alberta, Canada – with a container load shipped as far away as Australia.

We continue to incorporate innovative design improvements that add to the effective use of the raceways as a “Best Management Practice” for both environmental and financial sustainability.

Everyone has a story and obstacles to overcome. If you have a particular aquaculture issue you would like some help with, give us a try. All calls are free and confidential.

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