Chronic Degenerative Diseases (CDD’s), the “Who’s Who” of today’s killer diseases, e.g. cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia have replaced the contagious diseases of yesterday, e.g. rickets, scurvy, and the plague.

The increase of CDD’s and developmental disabilities over the last 100 years is a mirror image of our plummeting history of lower omega-3 consumption, sourced primarily from fish. Antioxidant omega-3’s have been replaced by pro-inflammatory omega-6’s, sourced primarily from soy beans, sun flower, cotton seed, and related plants. (Now it’s also happening in our fish feed.) Oxidative stress at the cellular level is the well-known cause of most CDD’s.

Most critical is the ratio of omega 3’s to 6’s. Fifty to one hundred years ago, that ratio was about a healthy 1:3. Today, the ratio is more like 1: 17. Not good!

First, we have made our society perpetually ill, neurologically ill-equipped, and drug-dependent through our over-indulgence in processed foods and heavy doses of omega-6’s. Now, we’re doing the same thing to our fish, and in the process, removing one of our last bastions providing us with ESSENTIAL omega-3’s.

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